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Welcome to the Hands on Trades Expo

Created for 8th Grade Students from Iowa and Illinois

The Hands On Trades Expo is a project of the Student Trades Initiative team. The purpose of the HOT Expo is to create awareness about exciting career options among students and educators while addressing workforce needs in the region.  Existing employers in the region continue to have unfilled job openings due to a shortage of skilled workers. The expo is fun, educational and hands on!


Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Morning & PM Sessions


2/7/22 - Deadline for School Registration

2/12/22 - Deadline for Sponsor Commitment Forms

8th grade students from select Iowa and Illinois schools are personally invited to the 4th annual HOT Expo.

Targeted students from these school are found from self identification, career interests via Career Cruiser, or teacher/counselor recommendations.

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